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The Greenchild L.L.C. makes a significant contribution to climate protection and the preservation of nature. Our goal is to show that financial security and active conservation are in perfect harmony. With the cultivation of Kiri trees, the fastest growing tree in the world, our plantations absorb large quantities of CO₂ and quickly deliver first-class precious wood.

Together with our loyal customers, we can steadily expand our plantations, sustainably protect the environment and promote further nature conservation projects. Benefit from the rapid growth of Kiri trees and the steadily increasing demand on the timber market.

Kiri-trees are growing n our plantations
Kilograms of C0₂ are absorbed annually by our plantations.
Kilograms are exhaled as oxygen.


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On our plantations in southern Europe, the Kiri tree is able to grow over five meters in one year and at the same time produces ten times as much wood volume as an oak tree.


The Kiri tree is of enormous importance to the climate and the environment. With its large leaves, it absorbs significantly more CO2 than most other trees – which is why it is often referred to as the lung of the cities.


Since 1990, wood has recorded a 1054% price increase as a raw material. As a result of forest clearing and the growth of the earth’s population, demand is expected to continue to increase in the future


The wood of the kiri tree is often referred to as the aluminum among precious woods. It is extremely light, but still very robust. In addition, once dry, it hardly absorbs any water, which makes it very attractive in shipbuilding.


The purchase of Kiri trees is a crisis-proof, inflation-protected and stock-exchange-independent material asset.


Plantation and forest investments offer investors tax advantages in many countries (e.g. Switzerland and the United Kingdom). Plus, like investing in Kiri trees, capital gains are tax-free! Simply ask your tax advisor about the situation in your country.