Greenchild L.L.C. is a service company that grows, cares for and sells your trees at the best possible price. We focus on professional plantation management, sustainability, personality and transparency.

With our own greenhouses for growing the saplings, as well as machines for pellet production and wood processing, we cover the entire value chain. This saves us long transport routes, protects the environment and allows us to guarantee first-class wood quality.

Our concept is neither a shareholding nor a financial product, as the value of the Kiri tree is linked to the size of the tree and the quality of the wood. So as it grows steadily, its value also increases steadily.

For most trees, however, there is a very long time between planting and felling. This is where the fast-growing Kiri tree comes into play. It offers all the advantages of other precious woods – but in a fraction of the time. Our plantation was created specifically for the purpose of enabling you to benefit from the advantages of the Kiri tree.

After you have chosen a tree set, you will receive a tree certificate that identifies you as the tenant of the cultivation area and owner of the Kiri trees.

Now you don’t have to worry about anything. After your purchase, our excellently trained agricultural specialists will take care of your trees in an optimal and environmentally friendly way. All this is already included in the tree price, so there are no additional costs.

The many hours of sunshine and the good soil quality in Southern Europe enable us to harvest very early – already after 8 – 12 years. At this point, each Kiri tree yields about two cubic metres of fine wood of wood quality C, which fetches a price of between US$ 847.55 and US$ 923.30 per cubic metre on the timber market.

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