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The Greenchild L.L.C. makes a significant contribution to climate protection and the preservation of nature. Our goal is to show that financial security and active conservation are in perfect harmony. With the cultivation of Kiri trees, the fastest growing tree in the world, our plantations absorb large quantities of CO2 and quickly deliver first-class precious wood.

Together with our loyal customers, we can steadily expand our plantations, sustainably protect the environment and promote further nature conservation projects. Benefit from the rapid growth of Kiri trees and the steadily increasing demand on the timber market.

Our History

In 2009, we first learned about the potential of the Kiri tree. Its special characteristics and performance began to excite us more and more. Driven by curiosity and enthusiasm, we consulted a team of experts with whom we planned our first planting. And so it was that barely six months later, we planted our first Kiri trees on an area of about four hectares. Our expectations were high and were even exceeded. Overwhelmed by the success of our first Kiri tree plantation, we started planting more plantations together with partners. The success of our first plantations attracted more and more attention in our surrounding communities. We got more and more enquiries whether we would not also offer trees for sale and whether there would be possibilities to participate. After several months of research and careful planning, we finally decided to buy another area of 145 hectares and plant it with Kiri trees. The purpose of this plantation is now to offer everyone the opportunity to participate in the incredible potential of the Kiri tree. Thus, we want to make it possible for you to do something good for the environment and at the same time to be able to invest transparently, profitably and above all safely.



Donjeta Llapashtica