Greenchild LLC is being expanded! In recent weeks, Greenchild LCC is has expanded its plantation by 15 Ha of land in the main location in Lloshkovare. In addition, Greenchild LLC is also expanding its branches in North Macedonia, where we have initially added 2.6Ha. This expansion has greatly benefited the company in terms of capacity growth as well as diversification of services. With the new expansion, Greenchild LLC Kosovo is now composed of over 150Ha of land, and we are now, not only planting newer Kiri trees, but also expanding and growing our team. This expansion adds to our vision of reducing CO2 as studies show that the Kiri tree (also known as Paulownia Tree) could be a great ally in the fight against climate change.

  •       Research and Development (R&D) lies at the core of our work at Greenchild LLC. We are continuously looking for the most updated global trends of Kiri tree cultivation but also, we are heavily engaged in developing break-through types of Kiri trees. Recently, in cooperation with the Plant Engineering Laboratory, under the supervision of Ms. Sonja Gadzovska Simic, PHD in Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology, Greenchild LCC is in the process of developing our own unique kiri tree variety, which will be trademarked and produced exclusively by Greenchild LCC. As a responsible company, we will continue to combine science with practice and actively shape the future of sustainable wood production in the future.
  •       Greenchild LLC is always looking for the most efficient irrigation systems for our Kiri trees. Even though Kiri tree is generally eco-friendly, using the water resource for irrigation, in a responsible way, is an important element of our management system. While aiming to identify hydrologic and geologic features, which are important to the planning our Kiri plantations, Greenchild LCC has recently identified large quantities of shallow water under the Lloshkobare plantation. Following the establishment of the well, water at a speed of 17L/sec was identified. This maneuver represents an important accomplishment for Greenchild LLC, due to the high dependence on water sources for irrigation.

·       Greenchild LLC is getting more digital! We are an open company that is always taking into consideration the innovative ideas from our employees. In today’s world, when we are exposed more than ever to internet and online world, our main intention is to provide a deeper understanding to our clients of what we do and what we aim. Through our professional website (www.greenchild.eu), we are in the process of implementing a new site map, where the end users of our website will have a better idea of where our planation is, where our Kiri trees are located, how old our Kiri trees are, ect. This digitalization process will also make it easy for our team to facilitate coordination and to have an integrated system of reporting and controlling our existing trees.

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