Our plantations

Southern Europe offers ideal climatic conditions for the optimal and fastest possible growth of the Kiri tree. Due to the many hours of sunshine and the excellent soil quality, the Kiri tree grows much faster here than in more northern regions of Europe.

Optimal location factors in southern Europe:

  1. -Optimal climate
  2. -Long vegetation periods
  3. -Mild seasons
  4. -Excellent soils
  5. -Good infrastructure
  6. -Low labor costs
  7. -Low price level

Some statistics of our plantation

Location: Ferizaj Kosovo & North Macedonia
Size: 160+ Hectares 
Trees: 160,000 Kiri Trees
Altitude: 573 meters
PH Value: 6.56

Seedlings are grown in a controlled laboratory
5 Bee colonies
100m deep well systems
Coordinates: N 42.397552°, E 21.106022°