About Us


A sustainable and worthwhile investment

For You. For The Planet. For Our Children.


Greenchild is committed to make a significant contribution to climate protection and the preservation of nature. With the cultivation of Kiri trees, the fastest growing tree in the world, our plantations absorb large quantities of CO2 and quickly deliver first-class precious wood. Together with you, we aim to steadily expand our plantations, sustainably protect the environment and promote further nature conservation projects. We will  revolutionize the timber market and protect existing woodlands around the world. For you. For the planet. For our children.

Our Values

At Greenchild, we live by four fundamental values that guide our work and commitment:


We emphasize sustainable forest agriculture and contribute to climate protection.


We cultivate high-quality Kiri seedlings, produce precious Kiri wood and provide the best possible services to our investors and partners.


We are a business with a high reputation and a family-like atmosphere. We have excellent relationships with our investors, partners and the government.


We want to share our success with our investors and partners by reporting regularly and transparently on our business activities.

Our History


Our co-founder Nazim Azemi learns about the potential of the Kiri tree for the first time. Years of research and expert advice follow.


Nazim believes in the potential of the Kiri tree and starts with initial cultivations and plantings.


We plant 475 Kiri trees in Isniq, Kosovo. 


The trees have already grown five meters. We are thrilled and decide that this is just the beginning. 


We acquire 20 hectares of land in Ferizaj, Kosovo, and plant over 12,000 Kiri trees - grown in our own laboratory. Our first large plantation is born. We name it "Phoenix One."


Our progress attracts international interest. We gain new business partners and expertise. Entrepreneurs Jeton Shala and Josef Fürnkäs and his two children Josef Jr. and Gloria, together with Nazim Azemi, found Greenchild L.L.C. We set a goal to plant 1,000 hectares of unused land with over 600,000 Kiri trees within the next five years.


Our "Phoenix One" plantation is now the largest of its kind in Europe. Around 100,000 Kiri trees grow on 160 hectares of land. This corresponds to an area of around 213 soccer fields fully planted with Kiri trees - a majestic sight. 


We expand and establish a subsidiary in northern Macedonia. We acquire 100 hectares of land near Kumanovo.


Groundbreaking ceremony for "Phoenix Two" in Kumanovo and first plantings. Further milestones will follow soon.

Our numbers

160 Hectares of land planted

100,000 Kiri trees planted


5,100 tons of CO2 compensated annually

State licenses for the growth and trading of Kiri Trees




Co-Founder & Director

Nazim is a visionary environmentalist with a rich background in the business community. He engaged in multiple projects that contributed to the wellbeing of the environment and is well-equipped with the necessary knowledge on tree plantation and growth throughout the plant cycle. His role in Greenchild is to ensure the well-maintenance of the plantation, irrigation, and innovation in plantation development

Mail: nazim.azemi@greenchild.eu

Phone: +38143918333; +4915119133331


Josef Fürnkäs


Josef is a successful entrepreneur from Bavaria, Germany. After the birth of his children, he dedicated his life to climate protection. He is considered a pioneer of wind and solar energy and the personified proof that active nature conservation and financial stability can harmonize. Driven by his vision of climate protection, he quickly recognized the potential of the Kiri tree and contributes all his experience to drive Greenchild forward

Mail: josef.fuernkaes@greenchild.eu

Phone: +49 160 90979090


Dr. Jeton Shala

 Co-Founder & Director

 Jeton is a successful professional with a doctoral degree in pharmaceutics as well as a successful entrepreneur. His academic background combined with long experience in international networks provides an added value to the company. Jeton is consistently responsible to overview the quality control of the company and the Research and Development Department.

Mail: jeton.shala@greenchild.eu

Phone: +383 44 666 888


Josef Jr. Fürnkäs, M.Sc


Josef graduated with a master’s degree in business from the University of Munich. He worked in sports marketing and already co-founded one solar company in Germany. 

Mail: josef.fuernkaes.jr@greenchild.eu

Phone: +49 160 90939612


Gloria Fürnkäs, B.Sc.


Gloria graduated with a bachelor´s degree in business from the Technical University of Munich.


Hamide Qeshmexhiu

Office Manager

Hamide is a graduate professional in the field of business administration. As operations manager of the Greenchild, she ensures that the administrative duties of the office are performed in accordance with the latest standard and operational procedures. 

Mail: hamide.qeshmexhiu@greenchild.eu 


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Agron Berisha

experienced Manager of the Lab (kiri Baum)

A guardian of nature by choice, working tirelessly to bridge the gap between agriculture and environmental conservation.

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Meyer Schwabedissen

legal advisor

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Andreas Dering

Professional advisor


sonja gadzovska simic

Manager of cloning and micropropagation

Professor of the subject Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants at the Institute of Biology at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Skopje. Together with the “Plant Engineering” team, they have developed prototypes of microplants from many vegetable crops such as tomato, pepper, cucumber, arugula, carrot, mustard, amaranth and others


Fehmi Aliu

Plantation coordinator

Fehmi coordinated the workflow around the plantation. He is also responsible for the workers and seasonal employees.