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Our Vision

Greenchild is committed to make a significant contribution to climate protection and the preservation of nature. With the cultivation of Kiri trees, the fastest growing tree in the world, our plantations absorb large quantities of CO2 and quickly deliver first-class precious wood. Together with you, we aim to steadily expand our plantations, sustainably protect the environment and promote further nature conservation projects. We will  revolutionize the timber market and protect existing woodlands around the world. For you. For the planet. For our children.

Our Values

At Greenchild, we live by four fundamental values that guide our work and commitment:


We emphasize sustainable forest agriculture and contribute to climate protection.


We cultivate high-quality Kiri seedlings, produce precious Kiri wood and provide the best possible services to our investors and partners.


We are a business with a high reputation and a family-like atmosphere. We have excellent relationships with our investors, partners and the government.


We want to share our success with our investors and partners by reporting regularly and transparently on our business activities.

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Greenchild is the leading cultivator of Kiri trees in Europe. We offer unique investment opportunities and services. Contact us now to become part of the change or simply give us your valuable feedback.

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At a Glance


Kiri trees are growing on our plantation in Kosovo. With over 160 hectares, our “Phoenix one” plantation is the largest Kiri tree plantation in Europe. This is equivalent to an area of around 213 soccer fields.


Tons of CO2 are absorbed by our Kiri trees every year. This corresponds to the annual CO2 consuption of over 16,000 people

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Our team

We have decades of combined experience. In 2020, the potential of the Kiri tree brought us all together.

Our plantations

We are experienced, reliable, and focused on good results. See our work for yourself.

Our services

We offer a sustainable investment that pays off. Profit from the potential of the Kiri tree and contribute to CO2 compensation. We also support clients in the planting and planning of Kiri tree plantations in Europe.

Our Kiri tree

The Kiri tree is native to Asia and is also known as the “climate tree” or “aluminum of the timber industry”. With up to five meters of growth per year, the Kiri tree is considered the fastest-growing tree on Earth. Environmentalists and forest managers are enthusiastic about the potential of the Kiri tree.

Learn about your unique investment opportunity

Learn more about our plantations, the kiri tree, or the various investment opportunities we offer by reading our comprehensive brochure. Our brochure provides in-depth information on the cultivation, management, and sustainable practices associated with Kiri trees, along with the potential financial returns for investors.

In addition to providing essential details about kiri tree cultivation, our brochure also outlines the unique benefits of this fast-growing, eco-friendly tree species, and the diverse revenue streams it can generate. By exploring our brochure, you’ll gain valuable insights into the kiri tree market, growth potential, and the range of investment opportunities available.

2022 brochure
2020 brochure

Benefits of the potential of the Kiri tree

One of the main reasons to invest in kiri trees is their quick growth rate. These trees can grow up to 10 feet per year, reaching maturity in just 10-12 years. This means that investors can see a return on their investment much sooner than with other types of trees.

Another benefit of kiri trees is their versatility. The wood of these trees is lightweight, strong, and durable, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as construction, furniture, musical instruments, and even surfboards. The tree is also known for its ability to absorb carbon dioxide and thus can be used to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Our plantations are used in multiple ways. In addition to wood production, we will produce organic sheep wool, honey and herbs in the future. Kiri trees also have medicinal properties, with the leaves and bark being used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a variety of ailments. All these opportunities add additional revenue streams for farmers and investors.

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An environmental measure that pays off.

CO2 compensation

1 acre of Kiri tree absorbs roughly 13 tons of CO2 gasses  and particles per year. Therefore, through our 160 hectares of kiri trees, Greenchild absorbs approximately 5,140 tons of CO2.

An environmental measure that pays off

CO2 compensation

1 acre of Kiri tree absorbs roughly 13 tons of CO2 gasses  and particles per year. Therefore, through our 160 hectares of kiri trees, Greenchild absorbs approximately 5,140 tons of CO2.